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Besh live main goal is to have an application where users can host a live room and others can join as host or as viewers. Its main inspirations are Kumu Live and Bigo Live .

As the version one of the app, the client wants to try the audio live-streaming first before going to video live-streaming.

The audio live-streaming of the project is now available on both Android play store and iOS app store .

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Project Research and AnalysisProject Planning and StrategyDesigning and WireframingContent CreationCode and DevelopmentTesting and Quality AssuranceDeployment and Maintenance

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Front-end DeveloperMobile App DeveloperUI/UX DesignerBack-end DeveloperSystem AdministratorQuality Assurance EngineerProiect Manager

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React NativeLaravelMaterial-UIBootstraplaravel BladeVue JsMySqlFirestoreIONOSApacheUbuntuFilebase

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This time-oriented methodology is focused on creating a project gradually over time, with adaptability and the possibility for change built directly into the process. When you use the Agile system, you work on projects in "sprints." Sprints are basically set amounts of time (usually one to four weeks) that can be used on certain tasks and objectives. Before each sprint, the customer, who is a key player in the development process, outlines their needs, and the team uses the sprint to meet those needs. At the end of each sprint, there's a time for analysis and assessment where changes can be made and new ideas can be introduced ahead of the next sprint.



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