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This project began as my college thesis, for which I received awards for Best Web Development and Best Software Development . Since 2019, the school has recognized its potential and has begun to put it into action.

My Tasks

Project Research and AnalysisProject Planning and StrategyDesigning and WireframingCode and DevelopmentContent CreationTesting and Quality AssuranceDeployment and Maintenance

My Roles

Full Stack DeveloperSystem DeveloperProiect ManagerSystem AdministratorQuality Assurance EngineerUI/UX Designer

Tech Stack

Laravellaravel BladeBootstrapVue JsFilebaseIONOSLinode

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Development Method


This time-oriented methodology is focused on creating a project gradually over time, with adaptability and the possibility for change built directly into the process. When you use the Agile system, you work on projects in "sprints." Sprints are basically set amounts of time (usually one to four weeks) that can be used on certain tasks and objectives. Before each sprint, the customer, who is a key player in the development process, outlines their needs, and the team uses the sprint to meet those needs. At the end of each sprint, there's a time for analysis and assessment where changes can be made and new ideas can be introduced ahead of the next sprint.



Thank you for sticking with me this far. Do you like what I've done so far and want to do something similar for your business? Let's get started on this project!

Marc Sumilang

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