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QuoteShark is a Software as a service which allow users to send profesional quotes. The goal of our team in the 1st quarter of development was to develop a MVP of the product which caters the free services of the product. The development started on march and deployed on to public on october.

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Project Planning and StrategyDesigning and WireframingContent CreationCode and DevelopmentTesting and Quality AssuranceDeployment and Maintenance

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Front-end Developer

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React JsChakra UIFirebase

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The key to this system's success is visualization. It entails the creation of a "Kanban board" that is updated on a regular basis to demonstrate progress and track the project from beginning to end.



Thank you for sticking with me this far. Do you like what I've done so far and want to do something similar for your business? Let's get started on this project!

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